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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): Egypt ; Middle East & North Africa
Egypt Street Traders Cash in on Revolutionary Spirit Rueters . (14 March 2012)
By Fayed, Shaimaa.

A year after it claimed centre stage in the Arab Spring, Cairo’s Tahrir Square has become a giant open-air market where capitalism is meeting the revolution.

Egypt Equality, Freedom and Street Vendors in Egypt The Egyptian Gazette . (13 February 2012)
By Shaarawy, Ihab.

The security vacuum and economic problems in the wake of the revolution are still having an impact on the lives of Egyptians.

Egypt Informal Economy on the Rise, Experts Push for Reform Daily News Egypt . (1 November 2011)
By Chammah, Maurice.

There is a reason more street vendors are seen throughout Egypt these days. Since January, Egypt’s economy has seen a rise in its informal sector, and many members of the informal economy are street vendors – 6 per cent of whom have a higher education certificate.

Egypt Egyptian Government Cracks Down on Street Vendors Al Shorfa . (7 October 2011)
By Abu al-Khair , Waleed .

Egyptian officials launched a security plan in mid-September to curb the proliferation of street vendors and coordinate with the Ministry of Commerce to provide new spaces for markets to be reserved for street and cart vendors.