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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): Egypt ; Middle East & North Africa
Egypt Survey analysis on street vendors Daily News Egypt . (6 July 2014)

By the Federation of Economic Development Associations (FEDA), With the Support of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).

By Rabie, Passant.

As Egypt's economy nosedives, the jobless are forced to hawk wares in the streets. It all makes the new president's efforts to eliminate street vendors seems especially harsh.

Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab has stressed the necessity of finding a solution for unauthorised street vendors in the country while ensuring that their lives are not harmed, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website.

By Yahya, Marwa.

The street vendors are welcomed by the majority of Egyptians, who couldn't afford buying things in luxury shopping malls in a country where 40 percent of its 94 million populations living near the poverty line.

Egypt Cairo street vendors demand alternative spaces The Cairo Post . (18 March 2014)
By Elmaghrabi, Mohamed Gamal.

One vendor in downtown Cairo told The Cairo Post Sunday that street vendors face numerous difficulties yet the government continues to ignore vendors' initiatives to solve this problem through opening alternative spaces.

Egypt The Street Vendors' Capital Asharq Al-Awsatt . (2 March 2014)
By Moneim, Moataz Abdel.

Already a familiar site in Cairo, street vendors in the Arab world's largest city have been on the rise since the 2011 revolution.

Egypt New plans to formalise street trading: Minister of Supply Daily News . (5 January 2014)
By AbdelAzim, Maha.

Egyptian Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Mohamed Abou Shady announced a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Interior to establish a collective, formal marketplace for street vendors, state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram reported.

By Al-Adawi, Anaam.

A recent announcement by the Cairo Governorate to construct new market places to accommodate the city’s unlicensed street vendors was met with shock and concern by businessmen and store owners.

Egypt Waking the Sleeping Tiger Nextcity . (29 April 2013)
By Dana, Joseph.

As protesters, street vendors and government authorities battle over to whom public space belongs and what it may look like, people living in long-ignored informal settlements away from the city center have taken to building their own highway ramps and challenging long-accepted axioms of urban life.

Egypt First spark of ‘hunger revolution' Daily News Egypt . (6 January 2013)
By Taha, Rana Muhammad.

Street vendors gathered outside five governorate buildings on Sunday protesting a law which toughens punishments for vendors.