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Theme: Informal Economy
Occupational Group(s): Street Vendors
Region(s): Egypt ; Middle East & North Africa
Egypt Egypt committed to solving street vendors’ problems Saudi Gazette . (13 January 2015)

Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb is committed to fulfilling his promise to finish work on the market and offices at Waboor Al-Thalg within six months in order to house and relocate street vendors from Al-Torgman, according to the Giza-based Regional Center for Strategic Studies.

Egypt 3 street vendors detained, security cancels demonstration The Daily News . (1 October 2014)
By Zaki, Menna.

Security forces cancelled a proposed labour demonstration on Tuesday and detained three street vendors who had attempted to go to the cancelled demonstration.

Egypt Downtown street vendors 'out of service' Daily News . (30 September 2014)
By Zaki, Menna.

A press conference was held on Tuesday, titled "street vendors between fake media and ignorance of the state", to discuss the relocation of street vendors to Al-Turgoman, who stated that they have been "out of service" for 10 days.

Egypt Keep It Black FP . (24 September 2014)
By Williamson, Rachel.

He says President Adbel Fattah el-Sisi is leading an initiative that will encourage Eissa and his fellow street traders to become licensed businessmen.

Egypt Cairo's downtown street vendors question new home Ahram Online . (17 September 2014)
By El Sharnoubi, Osman.

"We've been here for 17 days, look around; there are no buyers here," Karim Samy, a young man who's been working as a street vendor for 10 years, said, when summing up the main complaint the newly moved vendors share.

By Ayyad, Mohamed.

The government is arranging the establishment of stalls containing Egyptian goods and products following street vendors' removal from Downtown Cairo to Al-Torgoman this week within government efforts to transform them from vendors into small merchants.

Egypt Egypt PM meets street vendor representatives Ahram Online . (27 August 2014)

Street vendors evicted from downtown Cairo meet with Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab.

Egypt Ministry of Interior relocates street vendors causing outrage Daily News Egypt . (24 August 2014)
By Zaki, Menna.

The Ministry of Interior launched a government project Sunday aimed at shifting street vendors from downtown to relocate them in Al-Torgoman.

Egypt Cairo governorate vs street vendors: A brewing conflict Ahram Online . (24 July 2014)
By Darwish, Passant.

Ever since the swearing in of Egypt's current government, nationwide campaigns have taken place to rid Egypt's streets of unauthorised street vendors, prompting Cairo's downtown street vendors to realise that they are staying on borrowed time.

Egypt Coping with the street vendors Al-Ahram . (9 July 2014)

The problem of too many street vendors has been paralysing the heart of Cairo for some time, and in January 2013 the government started a crackdown in the Cairo and Giza governorates in an attempt to solve the problem.