A summary of research findings on women informal workers and child care from six membership-based organizations
Alfers, Laura.
September, 2016
Publication Type:
Research Paper

Summary of research report on childcare access for informal workersThis publication is a summary of “Our children do not get the attention they deserve”: A synthesis of research finding on women informal workers and child care from six membership-based organizations, which reports on the findings of a five-city research study examining women informal workers' access to child care in Brazil, Ghana, India, South Africa, and Thailand.


Through various focus group discussions and interviews, the study identifies the many barriers women face daily to meet their child care needs due to their low incomes, long working hours and the lack of quality public child care services.


Women informal workers also identify the elements that contribute to a good daycare centre that enables them to engage in paid work, earn a higher income, and ensure better care for their children.


The study concludes that without access to quality child care services women informal workers' current and future incomes remain low and insecure hampering their economic empowerment.


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