Street Vendors Organising: The Case of the Women's Network (Red de Mujeres), Lima, Peru
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WIEGO Organizing Brief No. 1
Roever, Sally and Lissette Aliaga Linares.
July, 2010
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Organising Street Vendors in PeruStreet vendors have occupied public space in central Lima since the colonial period, and the first recorded attempt to regulate street trade in Lima dates back to 1594. For more than four centuries since then, street vendors have contributed to the local economy by providing affordable goods and services to local residents.


Street vending organisations also have a long history in Lima. At present, however, these organisations are struggling to maintain their membership levels and activities. In response to the challenge of maintaining their sustainability, some have directed their efforts toward building new organisational models in the form of networks and alliances to help overcome long-lasting problems in the sector.


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