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Homework in Germany and Spain: Industrial Restructuring and the Meaning of Homework for Women
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Baylina, Mireia and Michaela Schier.
April, 2002
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Journal Article

This article seeks to show the characteristics of homework in the traditional industrial sectors of clothing and footwear in Germany and Spain. We focus, first, on the national contexts in order to grasp how homework is embedded in the economic, political and social environment, and second, on the women's perspective regarding how homework is integrated into their everyday lives and vital expectatives. Finally, we compare the two different national and cultural contexts and draw some conclusions with which we would like to enrich further discussions on homework. The analysis is based mainly on in-depth interviews and participant observation. The study in Germany was carried out in urban and rural areas of Bavaria, and the Spanish study occurred in rural areas of Catalunya, Galicia, Andalusia, and Valencia.

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