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Bhan, Guatam. November, 2017 Informal Housing and Work: The View from Indian Cities.
Bhatt, Ela. April, 2006 Cities are People.
Bhatt, Ela. August, 2016 Ela Bhatt Closing Address for UN HLP Consultation at SEWA (transcript).
Bhatt, Ela. May, 2012 Graduation Speech at Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.
Bhatt, Ela. May, 2012 Green is Local: Local is Peace.
Bhatt, Ela. February, 2013 Women, Work and Peace.
Bowlby, Geoff. October, 2008 Studies in “Non-Standard” Employment in Canada.
Breman, Jan. March, 2011 The Informal Sector Economy as a Global Trend.
Bromley, Ray. March, 2011 Closing Comments.
Bromley, Ray. March, 2011 Urban Planning and Women's Informal Employment.