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May, 2017 Renana Jhabvala - CV.
August, 2017 Report on a Workshop and Book Launch: Crossing the Divide.
September, 2011 Resolution of the Ahmedabad Conference on “Organizing in the Informal Economy”.
Roever, Sally. September, 2018 Declaración de solidaridad - CTEP.
Roever, Sally. October, 2013 Formalizing Street Vendors: Presentation at Dialogue on Formalization of the Informal.
Roever, Sally and Mike Rogan. September, 2016 Improving Pay and Working Conditions from the Perspective of the Informal Economy.
Roever, Sally. September, 2018 Solidarity Statement - CTEP.
Samson, Melanie. November, 2017 The political work of ‘waste picker integration’.
Save the Hawkers Campaign. November, 2015 Charter for a Street-Trading Friendly African City: Steps that African Mayors can take to embrace inclusive and sustainable street trading management.
SEWA, . January, 2005 SEWA's "Clean Ahmedabad Campaign".