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Agyei-Mensah, Alex B. and Samuel . .  "Traders on the Run: Activities of Street Vendors in the Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana."  Norwegian Journal of Geography,  Vol. 62,  Issue No. 3.
Ahn, Pong-Sul. .  "Organising as a catalyst for promoting decent work in the informal economy in South Asia."  The Indian Journal of Labour Economics,  Vol. 51,  Issue No. 4.
Alam, K.. .  "An Economic Analysis of a Public-Private-Community Partnership: The Case of Solid Waste Management in Dhaka, Bangladesh."   World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development,  Vol. 8,  Issue No. 2-4.
Alfers, Laura, Phumzile Xulu, Richard Dobson and Sujatha Hariparsad. .  "Extending Occupational Health and Safety to Urban Street Vendors: Reflections From a Project in Durban, South Africa."  New Solutions,  Vol. 26,  Issue No. 2.
Alfers, Laura. .  "Health and Sanitation is an Economic Right as Well--Just Ask Ghanaian Food Sellers."  The Global Urbanist,
Alfers, Laura and Mike Rogan. .  "Health Risks and Informal Employment in South Africa: Does Formality Protect Health?."  International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health,
Alfers, Laura, Phumzile Xulu and Richard Dobson. .  "Promoting workplace health and safety in urban public space: reflections from Durban, South Africa."  Environment and Urbanization,  Vol. 28,  Issue No. 2.
Almeida, Rita K. and Z. Bilgen Susanli. .  "Firing Regulations and Firm Size in the Developing World: Evidence from Differential Enforcement."  Review of Development Economics,  Vol. 16,  Issue No. 4.
Amaral, Pedro and Erwan Quintin. .  "A Competitive Model of the Informal Sector."  Journal of Monetary Economics,  Vol. 53,  Issue No. 7.
Ang, Debra, Drusilla Brown, Rajeev Dehejia and Raymond Robertson. .  "Public Disclosure, Reputation Sensitivity, and Labor Law Compliance: Evidence from Better Factories Cambodia."  Review of Development Economics,  Vol. 16,  Issue No. 4.