Carmen Roca

Lima Focal City Coordinator

“At first, authorities did not want to sit down with these worker groups—they associated the informal economy with a “criminal element”. Their level of knowledge was very low. But time has allowed a lot of things to happen in Lima—time and patience."


social protection for the working poor in the informal economy, capacity building for membership-based organizations, local and national policy improvements

Carmen plays an instrumental role in WIEGO’s activities in Latin America, including organizing national events on occupational health and safety, a workshop for developing the platform towards formalization brought forward by informal workers to the International Labour Conference in 2014, and the major project "Strengthening the Voice and Leadership of Informal Women Workers Around Social Policy Issues".

Before joining WIEGO, Carmen spent 10 years with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada focusing on issues of social and economic policy. She has also served as the Deputy Director of Peru’s Consorcio de Investigación Económica y Socia (CIES). Carmen holds an MBA in Management for the Development Sector from McGill University (Canada), Peru.

In the News

2013. Demanding Decent Work.