Your Toolkit on ILO Convention 189 - The Domestic Workers’ Convention (Caribbean Region)


Citation: WIEGO & IDWF. 2022. Your Toolkit on ILO Convention C189 — The Domestic Workers' Convention (Caribbean Region).

WIEGO and the IDWF partnered to write this toolkit to support IDWF affiliates in their efforts to make C189 real for domestic workers. The toolkit is a training manual for organizers on C189, which contains the following information:

  • “Convention 189: what is it?”: a worker-friendly summary of the Convention, with information about key principles in its accompanying Recommendation No. 201.
  • A compliance checklist to help domestic workers determine whether their country’s laws and policies are aligned to C189.
  • A model contract of employment and a model pay-slip.
  • Strategies that domestic worker organizations can use to make C189 real in their countries whether their governments have ratified the Convention or not. These include examples from the Caribbean and beyond.
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