WIEGO Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Toolkit - Tool #5: How to conduct a participatory evaluation workshop

Barbara Klugman, Carmen Wilson-Grau, WIEGO

Klugman, Barbara, Carmen Wilson-Grau and WIEGO. 2022. WIEGO Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Toolkit. Manchester: WIEGO.

A great way to find out if WIEGO’s interventions –training or other kinds of support to Nets and MBOs– have worked well, or if people have used our tools and materials, is to engage them in a follow-up evaluation workshop. This Tool 5 takes you through the process of supporting participants to describe changes they or their organisations have influenced since WIEGO’s interventions, or since they got WIEGO’s toolkits or materials. You can also use it within WIEGO to harvest outcomes that members of the WIEGO team, individually or collectively have influenced. This tool comes in this face-to-face version and in an online version (Tool 7).