ILC 110th Session - Global Position Paper from Organizations of Workers in the Informal Economy (Long Version)

HomeNet International, Global Alliance of Waste Pickers, StreetNet International, IDWF, SEWA, WIEGO

We welcome the ILO report on decent work and the SSE prepared for the ILO’s 110th Session and believe that the conclusions of the general discussion on the SSE must be built on the foundation of international instruments referring to SSE units and the ILO decent work agenda. A definition that ensures the application of rights in the field of work and that distinguishes SSE units from other economic activities is essential. We call for the promotion of a distinct identity for the SSE that differentiates it from both the public and private sectors.

Referencing ILO Recommendations 193 (on cooperatives) and 204 (which contains provisions that provide an agenda for action) is important with a view to transitioning from the informal to the formal economy and thus having access to comprehensive labour and social rights. The ILO Office should further strengthen the partnership with representative organizations of workers in the informal economy, including SSE units, to optimize the lessons from the experience of cooperatives appropriately.

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