Financial Diaries of Smallholder Families

  • Title: Financial Diaries of Smallholder Families
  • Organization/ Company Name: Consultative Group to Assist the Poor
  • Video / Slideshows Title: Financial Diaries of Smallholder Families

This video is available on the CGAP website.

From the CGAP website:

There are an estimated 450 milllion smallholder farming households in the world, representing more than 2 billion people. To get a better understanding of how these families manage their finances, CGAP is conducting financial diaries research with 90 families in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Pakistan. The interviews capture information about cash flows in minute detail. "But it's not just about the cash flows," says Kristy Bohling, of Bankable Frontier Associates. "It's about life." Michael Tarazi, of CGAP, explains that "These are still very early days in the collection of the diaires information in Tanzania. But what's clear already is that if we're serious about financial inclusion, then we have to be serious about financial inclusion for smallholder families."
Filmed in Mbeya, Tanzania
Edited and produced by Jeanette Thomas
Voiceover by Zain Verjee


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