Women and Men in the Informal Economy: A Statistical Picture, 2nd Edition

International Labour Organization (ILO), WIEGO
  • Publisher: ILO

ILO-WIEGO-Women and Men in the Informal Economy, 2nd editionThis ILO-WIEGO publication is a significant step forward from the Women and Men in the Informal Economy: A Statistical Picture (2002) in that it provides, for the first time, direct measures of informal employment inside and outside informal enterprises for 47 countries.

It also presents statistics on the composition and contribution of the informal economy as well as on specific groups of urban informal workers. This publication is intended to respond to the needs of different users, including researchers, statisticians, policymakers, employers’ and workers’organizations, including organizations of informal workers.

The regional estimates of informal employment which were in the first edition are not in the second. These have been published in WIEGO Working Paper 2, Statistics on the Informal Economy: Definitions, Regional Estimates and Challenges by Joann Vanek, Martha Chen, Francoise Carre, James Heintz and Ralf Hussmanns (2014).

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