Uncovering Non-Garment Homework in Australia: Preliminary Issues

Rosaria Burchielli, Annie Delaney
  • Place of Publication: Australia

Abstract: Homeworkers are the most marginalized and one of the most exploited groups of workers (Greig, 2002), with an estimated 300 million workers worldwide (HomeNet 2000). The documentation of homeworkers and their working conditions is required in order to inform public policy making and legislation (HWW, 2004). However, homework is not an open-access field of research and access to data requires that researchers address numerous constraints, connected to the inherent characteristics of homework. This paper examines the implications for researchers in relation to the development of appropriate methodological approaches for making contact with homeworkers and for collecting data. Further, it addresses the intentions of the researchers to explore their role as change agents, in developing an action research methodology that will facilitate empowerment of homeworkers through the research process and beyond.

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