Making home-based work environments safer, healthier and productive, experiences and insights from MHT’s work: Introduction and Documentation Framework

WIEGO, Mahila Housing SEWA Trust, City Collab

Citation: Herlekar, Vanishree et al., (2021). Making home-based work environments safer, healthier and productive; Experiences and Insights from MHT’s work- Introduction and Documentation Framework. Introduction Brief. WIEGO

This brief is a part of WIEGO's documentation of Mahila Housing SEWA Trust’s (MHT) work to capture insights on their work that has had wide ranging impacts on the wellbeing and economic productivity of home-based workers. It presents a three-pronged strategic framework to organize insights from MHT’s vast and diverse portfolio, cutting across multiple sectors and scales. The three interlinked strategies employed by MHT to improve living and working conditions of home based workers are:

  1. Improving the physical environment,
  2. Incorporating needs of home-based workers in city plans and policies, and
  3. Promoting energy efficiency & climate resilience
Informal Economy Theme
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