Labour and human rights frameworks promoting childcare for all workers

International Labour Organization (ILO), WIEGO


Citation information: Moussié, Rachel. 2020. "Labour and human rights frameworks promoting childcare for all workers." Policy Brief No. 2. Joint production of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and WIEGO.

This second policy brief on childcare for workers in the informal economy highlights the relevant international legal instruments, including both human rights frameworks and labour rights standards, supporting the realization of social protection – specifically maternity protection and childcare services for all women workers.

Workers organizations in the informal and formal economies can use these legal instruments as the basis for their demands for quality universal childcare provision.

This is the second of three policy briefs. WIEGO and ILO highlight both the urgent childcare needs of women workers in the informal economy and the demands for decent working conditions for childcare workers and domestic workers – most of whom are women working in the informal economy. 

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