Building Women Homebased Workers' Organizations in Turkey

Gulsum Coskun
  • Article Title: Building Women Homebased Workers' Organizations in Turkey
  • Title of Journal: Global Labour Journal
  • Vol #: 1
  • Issue #: 1

This article introduces Turkey HomeNet, an organisation of homebased female workers in Turkey. Turkey HomeNet is a national umbrella organization of local organizations, and part of the global HomeNet movement. Most of the local organizations are income generating organizations, but there are also rights based organizations. Turkey HomeNet is a rights based association that is building national and international networks with NGOs and labour movements. It is also discussing and evaluating the possibility of forming a trade union.
Turkey HomeNet has been arranging workshops where members can tell about themselves and their working conditions, drawing attention to how their problems are not individual problems, but are common. One of the aims of the organization is that home based workers help each other in collective organizing. The organizing is based on deep discussion whereby the members can bring up their problems and possible solutions.

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