Street Vendor News (GMS): A Global Review & Analysis April 2020

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WIEGO GMS: Street Vendors and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) News

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From Africa to Asia to Latin America, the world's 2 billion informal workers are suffering some of the earliest and most devastating effects of the coronavirus. As reported by the media, the immediate impact of the lockdown measures implemented across the globe has been devastating for street vendors. With cities deserted or closed, street vendors say that, if they are not able to work, their families will simply die of hunger. Street vendors' protests were reported from México to Guatemala to Paraguay to Colombia, demanding financial support from their governments or safety protection in their workplace. 

With cities (In Perú, México, Honduras, USA, India, and Uganda) resorting to street vendors relocations, evictions, vending bans, police fines, and blind police brutality; human rights advocates urged governments that basic human rights should be at the centre of their lockdown measures. Melody Ndawana from the Zimbabwe Chamber of Informal Economy Association (ZCIEA) shared that “We thought after the lockdown we could return to our workplaces but now local authorities are destroying them,”  

Media reports from the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) accounted for more than 200 economic measures throughout the region to protect informal workers including street vendors. Pope Francis said it might be 'time to consider a universal basic wage

A victory for the sector was recorded in South Africa, where spazas, food hawkers with permits, got the green light to trade during lockdown measures.  Stories of solidarity and innovation. came from Spain where street vendors helped to deliver food and medical supplies, and others joined forces with a local clothing company to sew masks and aprons for health workers, and from Malaysia where street vendors came up with ways to work during lockdown with a drive-through, pack and pick, and e-hailing service. 

As per media reports, the Covid-19 impact on this sector is exacerbating issues of food security for low-income households that depend on street vendors and has increased the vulnerability of migrant workers, (internal and cross-border) with many of them working as street vendors. The ILO chief said that the COVID-19 impact could cause the equivalent of 195 million job losses, and with a warning of economic devastation for developing countries, the African leaders highlighted the impact this could have on the informal sector.  António Guterres UN Secretary-General said during the launch of the Report on Socio-Economic Impacts of Covid-19 "The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy".

ANALYSIS: WIEGO Blog: For World’s Street Vendors, Life May Never
be the Same after COVID-19
 by Pilar Balbuena and Caroline Skinner 


LATIN AMERICA: Latin America's informal workers face dilemma amid coronavirus.  Reuters (31 March 2020).  For informal workers who struggle day-to-day to make ends meet in places like Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia, battling the spread of coronavirus by local mandate has left them out of work and could leave many fighting hunger next.

AFRICA. Coronavirus in Africa: Emergency laws v individual rights.  BBC News (8 April  2020).  "The basic human rights of people should be at the center of the government's response to this pandemic, especially those who are most vulnerable like street vendors, and homeless youth," HRW said.

AFRICA. African street vendors feel the squeeze under strict Covid-19 measures.  RFI (8 April 2020). “Because of the lockdown, people are not coming to buy and the street is so quiet. And you don’t see anyone on the road. I was selling at the market for three days but no one is coming,” says Sandra, who sells produce at a market in the Ghanaian capital Accra.

AFRICA. Coronavirus Update: Africa Warns ‘Complete Collapse Of Economies’ As COVID-19 Sweeps Continent.  International Business Times (6 April 2020). African leaders are bracing for what could be an economic collapse as COVID-19 sweeps across nations in the region. The informal sector — street vendors, taxi operators, housekeepers, petty traders, and the like — account for a considerable percentage of some countries’ gross domestic product (GDP). In Uganda, this accounts for more than 50% of its GDP.

AFRICA. With Most Coronavirus Cases in Africa, South Africa Locks Down. The New York Times (27 March 2020). Under lockdown, “street vendors can't trade, which will destroy their livelihoods. South Africa also has a significant percentage of its population living with chronic, underlying conditions including H.I.V., tuberculosis, diabetes, and asthma — putting them at risk of developing serious complications from Covid-19.

SOUTH AFRICA. Spazas, food hawkers with permits, get greenlight to trade Farmer's Weekly (3 April 2020). An amendment to South Africa’s lockdown regulations that will allow informal traders with the necessary permits to resume operations was announced by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, on Thursday.

SOUTH AFRICA. Covid-19 and the virulence of global capitalism – the poor are on the frontline. Daily Maverick (30 March 2020). One of the most glaring gaps in the South African response, largely consistent with packages introduced around the world, is the exclusion of workers within the informal sector. This group of precarious workers constitute almost three million in South Africa, according to StatsSA, and include car guards, domestic workers, waste pickers, casual labourers and traders. In the absence of benefits, formal employment contracts and state support, the “working poor”’ find themselves at the frontline of the economic fallout both in South Africa and globally. These are workers who are caught between the choice of starvation or facing the threat of the virus to sustain already precarious existences.

SOUTH AFRICA. Covid-19: Lockdown hits informal traders. Biz Community (26 March 2020) On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that “a safety net is being developed to support persons in the informal sector, where most businesses will suffer as a result of this shutdown”.

SOUTH AFRICA. North West makes attendance registers compulsory for events. News 24 (22 March 2020). A group of informal workers – from waste pickers, fishermen, community health workers, those in public transport to informal traders – have appealed for assistance to help them curb the spread of the virus in their working space.

UGANDA. Market mayhem in Uganda as COVID-19 measures upend ...Global Voices-Mar. 28, 2020 Uganda confirmed its first case of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on March 22. ... On March 26, Ugandan women street vendors were flogged and brutalized …

UGANDA. Photos: Ugandan vendors sleep in markets to curb the spread of coronavirus. Gulf News (6 April 2020). They were asked to sleep in markets by president Museveni to avoid contact with families. 

NIGERIA. Protect Most Vulnerable in COVID-19 Response. HRW (14 April 2020). The lockdown, however, prevents many Nigerians working in informal sectors from traveling to work or conducting their business. Local food vendors and traders have expressed fears over their ability to feed their families during the lockdown, with their daily earnings their only source of sustenance.

KENYA. How the COVID-19 pandemic will affect informal workers. Insights from Kenya. The Conversation (22 March 2020). COVID-19 is going to have a devastating impact on economies. Africa has a particular vulnerability because so many people work in the informal sector. 

INDIA. COVID-19 lockdown to be extended till May 3: PM Modi The Week (13 April 2020) Addressing the country on Tuesday, PM Modi announced that the COVID-19 lockdown will be ... "The fight against the coronavirus is going ahead successfully. ... The department has stated that all street vendors like fruit and vegetable sellers ...

INDIA. Cities deserted as India launches curfew to stem coronavirus.  Aljazeera (22 March 2020). India has 332 cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, ... "Street vendors say that if they don't go out, their families will simply die of hunger."

INDIA. How India plans to put 1.3 billion people on a coronavirus lockdown. Washington Post (30 March 2020).  The first day of the shutdown witnessed blind police brutality against anyone on the streets, including doctors and street vendors. Landlords began evicting...

INDIA.  Coronavirus Impact: In A First, Rajasthan Govt Announces 'Complete Lockdown' In State Till March 31. ABP Live (21 March 2020). The street vendors and daily workers, who are out of the NFSA list, shall get food packets free of cost for two months from April 1. 

INDIA. For 90% workers in India's informal economy, there’s no shelter from COVID-19. Live Mint (3 April 2020) via Bloomberg. With cities shut down, these workers are migrating home to villages by the hundreds of thousands, potentially spreading the virus along the way.

INDIA. India put 1.3 billion people in lockdown. Now it needs to help many of them survive CNBC (25 March 2020).  India’s move to put its 1.3 billion people in a 21-day lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak will disproportionately hurt the informal sector, experts told CNBC. 

GLOBAL. COVID-19: impact could cause equivalent of 195 million job losses, says ILO chief UN News (8 April 2020). In urban areas, moreover, these workers also tend to work in economic sectors that “not only carry a high risk of virus infection but are also directly impacted by lockdown measures”: waste recyclers, street vendors and [...] domestic workers.

GLOBAL. Pope Francis says it might be 'time to consider a universal basic wage' in Easter letter. World Economic Forum (13 April 2020). The Pope cites street vendors and small farmers as among those who may slip through the cracks of other labor protection measures.

USA. Street Food Vending Has Been Effectively Banned by the City of Los Angeles. Eater LA (18 March 2020). Los Angeles City Council presented and passed a motion that effectively places a moratorium on street vending within city limits, stating during the evening that “it is necessary to impose a temporary moratorium on street vending in the public right of way to protect Angelenos from the novel coronavirus.”

USA.  Events DC will give $15 million in covid-19 relief to hospitality, undocumented immigrants. Washington Post (9 April 2020). DC will give $15 million in covid-19 relief to hospitality workers, ... to work amid a shutdown meant to slow the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus. ... to those who rely on nontraditional streams of income, including street vendors.

USA.  City Council Members Call for More Street Food Vendor Protections. Eater NY (23 March 2020). They are joining advocacy groups in calling on the mayor to stop fining street food vendors during the novel coronavirus crisis.

USA. US: Address Impact of Covid-19 on Poor Human Rights Watch (press release)-Mar. 19, 2020 (New York) – The COVID-19 outbreak in the United States has put a spotlight on ... “The US government needs a response to the coronavirus that prevents ... like street vendors, caregivers, or construction workers, would also be left out.

SPAIN. Spain's street vendors deliver food, medical supplies amid coronavirus crisis.  PRI (8 April 2020) by Lucia Benavides. For over three weeks now, Barcelona’s union of African street vendors has been distributing food and other necessary items every day to hundreds of families in vulnerable situations -including fellow street vendors.

SPAIN. Barcelona's Show of Solidarity in the Time of COVID-19. HRW (2 April 2020). No longer allowed to sell their wares, some street vendors have joined forces with a local clothing company to sew masks and aprons for health workers whose supplies are running low. 

LATIN AMERICA.  Coronavirus chases the slum dwellers of Latin America.  Thomson Reuters Foundation (18 March 2020) by Oscar Lopez and Anasta Moloney. Slum-dwellers in Latin America's biggest cities risk bearing the brunt of the pandemic due to lost income coupled with dire living conditions.  Millions are part of the informal economy, earning cash in hand as cleaners, maids, street vendors, and on construction sites.

ARGENTINA. Argentina Sacrifices Economy to Ward Off Virus, Winning Praise. Bloomberg (27 Mar 2020). Still, it’s a huge gamble for Fernandez. While the wealthy can sit out the crisis working from home, that’s not a luxury afforded the less well-off who make up his base. As of 2018, almost half of Argentine workers were in the informal economy, according to the research institute at the Universidad Católica de Argentina, including jobs like street vendors and household workers.

COLOMBIA & VENEZUELA. Venezuelans face evictions amid Colombia coronavirus quarantine Aljazeera (2 April 2020). Last week, street vendors, delivery people and sex workers, among other informal workers, broke quarantine and gathered in front of mayors' offices in various Colombia cities to demand help. 

MALAYSIA  Coronavirus: Malaysia comes up with new ways to help Ramadan bazaar trade amid outbreak straits times (8 April 2020). With the authorities cobbling together three different ways to help Muslims buy their food and drinks from street traders: "The three concepts to sell food and drinks are: drive-through, pack and pick, and e-hailing service," he said.

OMAN, Oman approves coronavirus mitigation measures. Arab News (20 March 2020). Oman cracks down on street vendors over coronavirus concerns.


PERÚ. Alcalde Muñoz plantea reubicar a comerciantes de La Parada al antiguo cuartel Barbones Gestión Perú  (18 April 2020) [...] para cumplir con la distancia social, entre otras medidas sanitarias, como medida de prevención ante la propagación del nuevo coronavirus (COVID-19).

PERÚ. Coronavirus en Perú, minuto a minuto: 55 muertos por COVID … RPP-Apr. 2, 2020

la Municipalidad Provincial desalojaron a comerciantes ambulantes del exterior del mercado Unión y Dignidad de la ciudad de Puno…

PERÚ. Coronavirus: entregan bono de S/ 380 a ambulantes empadronados de Lima.  Agencia Andina (Comunicado de prensa) Apr. 1, 2020 Coronavirus: entregan bono de S/ 380 a (500) ambulantes empadronados de Lima. Acción es realizada por la Municipalidad de Lima en coordinación con la Confiep.

MÉXICO. Vendedores ambulantes ven desplome en ventas por temor al coronavirus 19, 2020 Comerciantes ambulantes del barrio de Tepito, en la alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, ... Los clientes no llegan a la zona por temor al coronavirus Covid-19, pese a que los

MÉXICO. Por coronavirus, cercan el Centro Histórico de la CDMX. Diario La Verdad-Apr. 3, 2020.  El gobierno de la CDMX anunció que a partir del 1 de abril, los comerciantes ambulantes y comercios nos esenciales debían cerrar hasta que la autoridad federal les informar que la crisis sanitaria pasó y es seguro reanudar todas las labores, pero únicamente el 30 por ciento de los comerciantes del Centro Histórico acataron esta medida.

MÉXICO. Protestan vendedores ambulantes en Chilpancingo; piden apoyos ante contingencia.   Réplica ( 20 de Abril de 2020). Vendedores ambulantes de Chilpancingo protestaron este lunes en Palacio de Gobierno y en las oficinas de la Secretaría del Bienestar para exigir a las autoridades estatales y federales apoyos económicos y despensas ante la crisis económica provocada por el COVID-19.

MÉXICO. [Video] Protestan ambulantes al ser retirados de las calles de ...El Sol de Tlaxcala (Comunicado de prensa)-Apr. 9, 2020... de trabajo y tomar en cuenta las medidas sanitarias por Coronavirus (Covid-19). ... Desde las 9:00 horas de ayer los casi 300 comerciantes ambulantes que todos ... sus puertas, al no decretar aún la Fase 3 de contingencia por el Covid-19.

MÉXICO.  Comerciantes ambulantes de Tulancingo se manifiestan en … Criterio Hidalgo-Apr. 7, 2020 ... Juárez de Pachuca para solicitar apoyo debido a que, argumentan, tienen más de dos semanas sin trabajar por la contingencia del coronavirus (Covid-19).

MÉXICO.  La contingencia por el COVID-19 'golpea' a los vendedores ...Expansión-Apr. 2, 2020 La contingencia por el COVID-19 'golpea' a los vendedores ambulantes de la ... “La gente tiene necesidad, muere por el coronavirus o se muere de hambre, …

MÉXICO.  Anuncia Barbosa intervención en la capital por ambulantes El Sol de Puebla-Apr. 10, 2020 ... convierta en un punto para la propagación de Covid-19 (coronavirus). Cuestionado en rueda de prensa sobre la prevalencia de vendedores ambulantes en …

MÉXICO. Coronavirus en México, noticias del 19 de marzo 19, 2020

El 19 de marzo, el día con más reporte de casos de Covid-19 en México ... de hotel o en sus casas y decretaron el retiro de vendedores ambulantes.

COLOMBIA/VENEZUELA.  Venezuelans face evictions amid Colombia coronavirus quarantine Aljazeera (2 April 2020).  More than 1,000 street vendors demanded help from Bogota’s government last week

COLOMBIA. Thousands of Bogotanos defy lockdown as coronavirus cases … The City Paper Bogota-Mar. 24, 2020 Calling on national unity during the COVID-19 emergency, President Duque ... Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants, street vendors and recyclers filled the city's ...

COLOMBIA. Pronunciamiento de alcaldesa sobre migrantes sería … 2, 2020... vendedores ambulantes y hasta trabajadoras sexuales por el dominio de las calles, ... por la Covid-19 y ante un escenario desconcertante sobre la capacidad de la ... Agregó que dada la coyuntura del Coronavirus y la discusión sobre el …

COLOMBIA. Venezolanos en Bogotá solicitaron ayuda al gobierno. ACN ( Agencia Carabobeña de Noticias) (Comunicado de prensa) (blog)-Mar. 25, 2020... esta población a la que se le han unido recicladores y vendedores informales. ... Lee también: Aumenta a tres el número de muertes en Perú por COVID-19 ... UU. superó el jueves a China e Italia en casos confirmados de coronavirus con …

COLOMBIA. Secretario de Movilidad de Medellín dio positivo al covid-19 Alerta Paisa-Mar. 20, 2020 Medellín reporta 9 casos nuevos de Coronavirus. Entre los casos ... Los vendedores ambulantes no podrán trabajar durante la cuarentena. Si alguien tiene una ...

COLOMBIA. Soacha prohibió hasta las ventas de comida callejera por 17, 2020. Soacha prohibió hasta las ventas de comida callejera por coronavirus ... entre trabajadores informales como recicladores, vendedores ambulantes y hasta ... que impuso la pandemia por la Covid-19 y ante un escenario desconcertante sobre …

ECUADOR. Guayaquil, una pesadilla posible IPS Agencia de Noticias-Apr. 2, 2020

Se queman neumáticos para exigir la retirada de muertos por el coronavirus. ... Hasta el 1 de abril, Ecuador registra 2758 casos confirmados por covid-19. ... Mientras, los vendedores ambulantes, los comerciantes que viven de las ventas

ECUADOR. Coronavirus Ecuador EN VIVO VIVO: minuto a minuto de la ...Diario Depor-40 minutes ago Coronavirus Ecuador | Ya son 10.128 casos positivos de COVID-19 y 507 ... que está dirigido a comerciantes ambulantes, personas que viven del día, que …

ECUADOR. Coronavirus en Ecuador, resumen al lunes 30 de marzo ...Diario Depor-Mar. 30, 2020. Se acoge al período de gracia otorgado por el FMI, al que pidió asistencia. Ayudas de unos 60 dólares por dos meses para 400.000 familias de comerciantes ambulantes y agricultores, y préstamos de hasta 2.500 dólares con plazo de gracia y bajo interés.

NICARAGUA. Comerciantes del mercado Oriental, un foco peligroso de contagio, con pocas medidas contra virus  La Prensa (Nicaragua)-Mar. 19, 2020 ... con más de 20 mil establecimientos y alrededor de 3 mil comerciantes ambulantes. ... de Ortega por no tomar medidas concretas ante el nuevo coronavirus.

LATIN AMERICA.  América Latina intenta proteger a los más vulnerables por … FRANCE 24-Apr. 16, 2020 América Latina intenta proteger a los más vulnerables por Covid-19 pero no ... el auxilio compensará el paro laboral y así los comerciantes informales saldrán ... Además, la entrega del dinero aumentó el riesgo de contagio por coronavirus ...

EL SALVADOR. Quiénes recibirán los $300 por la cuarentena domiciliar por ...El Economista-Mar. 24, 2020 Quiénes recibirán los $300 por la cuarentena domiciliar por coronavirus en El Salvador ... directamente por la emergencia nacional del nuevo coronavirus COVID-19. ... También está prohibido la circulación de vendedores ambulantes.

GUATEMALA. Casos de coronavirus en Guatemala aumentan a 167 con 11 … Prensa Libre-Apr. 13, 2020 Los casos de covid-19 activos en el país son 142, apuntó el mandatario. ... Comerciantes ambulantes de Guatemala se reunieron este 13 de abril frente a la …

HONDURAS. Desalojan a más de 100 vendedores en pleno toque de queda por coronavirus en San Pedro Sula  La Prensa de Honduras-Mar. 18, 2020 Varios locales de vendedores ambulantes fueron quitados a las 10:00 am de ... el primer caso de coronavirus detectado en San Pedro Sula y el noveno en el …

USA.  Coronavirus está devastando a vendedores ambulantes en LA Voz de América-Mar. 17, 2020 ... dedicarse al comercio callejero les provee su única fuente de trabajo e ingresos, sin embargo, la crisis económica creada por el COVID-19 está poniendo en …

SPAIN. Los manteros se organizan para subsistir mientras las calles … Público-Apr. 5, 2020 El coronavirus también ha parado la vida de los manteros que, obligados a ganarse el pan día a día en las calles, ahora fortalecen el apoyo mutuo que ya ...

PARAGUAY: Vendedores ambulantes piden asistencia estatal ante medidas restrictivas. Ultima Hora (18 de Marzo de 2020). Por el momento también los trabajadores informales están acatando las medidas del Estado, de quedarse en sus casas, pese a que para ellos signifique un golpe a su ingreso diario. “Ya no podemos salir a vender y nosotros dependemos de lo que nos compren los pasajeros en los colectivos”, señaló. "Necesitamos la ayuda del Gobierno".


BRASIL.Crise do coronavírus: homem passa 24 horas na fila para … Jornal Extra-Apr. 16, 2020 Crise do coronavírus: homem passa 24 horas na fila para requisitar benefício de ... da Guarda Municipal onde havia doações para ambulantes também foi grande. ... financeiras, depende da ajuda do Movimento Unido dos Camelôs (Mica).

BRASIL. Coronavírus: Senado aprova extensão de auxílio de R$ 600 a ...Rádio Jornal-Apr. 1, 2020 Coronavírus: Senado aprova extensão de auxílio de R$ 600 a mais de 30 ... os ambulantes, os feirantes, os camelôs, as baianas de acarajé, os garçons, os ...

BRASIL. Covid-19. Bolsonaro vira a agulha: “A minha preocupação … Expresso-Apr. 1, 2020 Covid-19. Bolsonaro vira a agulha: “A minha preocupação sempre foi salvar ... sobre os “vendedores ambulantes”, “camionistas”, “empregadas de limpeza” e ... O novo coronavírus, responsável pela pandemia da covid-19, já infetou mais de …

BRASIL. Trabalhadores informais de Salvador receberão mais de R$ 105 milhões em ajuda devido ao coronavírus; saiba mais.  G1 (30 de março de 2020). Segundo a prefeitura, 20.485 trabalhadores já estão cadastrados pelo município, em secretarias como Ordem Pública (Semop), Mobilidade (Semob) e Promoção Social e Combate à Pobreza (Sempre). Do total, 12 mil são ambulantes, feirantes, barraqueiros e camelôs; 622 são guardadores de carro; 1.290 baleiros; 646 baianas de acarajé e 334 recicladores..

BRASIL. Coronavírus: camelôs de Niterói não recebem auxílio da ...Jornal Extra-Apr. 1, 2020

Coronavírus: camelôs de Niterói não recebem auxílio da prefeitura e passam ... aos microempreendedores, mas os ambulantes ficaram de fora do benefício. ... pela pandemia da COVID-19, a família tem contado com ajuda de familiares e ...

ANGOLA.  Angola regista primeiras duas mortes por coronavírus RFI-Mar. 29, 2020

O país diagnosticou já 7 casos de Covid-19 e reforçou a presença policial nas ... Angola registou as primeiras duas mortes por coronavírus e diagnosticou já 7 casos de ... O Presidente da associação dos vendedores ambulantes denunciou, ..

BRASIL.. Antônio Furtado defende isolamento horizontal durante live Diario do Vale-Apr. 13, 2020... árbitros, barraqueiros, ambulantes, feirantes, camelos e manicures. ... esforço de todos para vencer a guerra contra o Covid-19 e aproveitou para lembrar que ...

BRASIL. Ambulantes e trabalhadores informais de Salvador receberão ...G1-Apr. 6, 2020

Ambulantes e trabalhadores informais de Salvador receberão ajuda financeira devido ao coronavírus; saiba mais. Pagamento de R$ 270 começa nesta segunda- ...

BRASIL. Bolsonaro: É preciso aliar o combate ao coronavírus e ao … Valor Econômico (Blogue)-Mar. 31, 2020 Bolsonaro citou que camelôs, diaristas, vendedores ambulantes e outros ... “O efeito colateral das medidas de combate ao coronavírus não pode ser pior que a ...


SENEGAL. Coronavirus: au Sénégal, le port du masque est désormais obligatoire. RFI (20 Avril 2020) par. Dans le commerce « formel » - supermarchés, pharmacies, stations-service - la direction en fournit au personnel. Un salarié d’une entreprise privée confiait aussi en avoir reçu de son patron, un carton de 50 unités. Mais pour les marchands du secteur informel - les vendeurs de fruits et légumes au bord de la route ou les vendeurs ambulants de café touba - la mesure est plus difficile à appliquer. La plupart ont un seul et unique masque et ne peuvent pas le changer, comme c’est recommandé, ce qui pose la question de l’efficacité.

AFRIQUE. Un vendeur ambulant de lait ...afrique Actudaily (20 April 2020). Tard dans la nuit du dimanche, un vendeur de lait caillé a été acheminé au centre de santé de Darou Marnane après avoir été testé positif au coronavirus.

MÉXICO. Au Mexique, travailler ou ne pas manger, il faut choisir Courrier International-Apr. 11, 2020. Marchands ambulants, femmes de ménage ou employés payés à la journée sont les millions de victimes collatérales du coronavirus. C'est la misère et la faim …

SENEGAL.Coronavirus Sénégal: Keur Massar, la nouvelle peur! PressAfrik (7 April 2020)

tous les commerçants, mais aussi des marchands ambulants et certains riverains, ... Ceci, pour éviter la propagation fulgurante de la pandémie du coronavirus.

MAROC. Coronavirus/Maroc: Derb Omar, Kori3a … le cri de détresse … Hespress en Français (5 April 2020) travers le monde, a engendré une crise économique sans précédent en poussant nombre de commerçants, notamment les marchands ambulants, à mettre un ...

GAMBIE. Gambie : les populations vulnérables, victimes des mesures anti-Covid-19. Agence de Presse Africaine (3 April 2020). Ainsi, les marchands ambulants, les tailleurs, les menuisiers, les soudeurs, les mécaniciens, les vendeurs de bois de chauffage et autres commerçants de produits non-alimentaires ont été contraints de fermer et quitter les zones commerciales de la capitale. En attendant que les autorités médicales maitrisent la situation, ils devront rester à la maison et prendre leur mal en patience.

CÔTE D’IVORE: Le Coronavirus et le nouveau business des … Koaci (1 April 2020). Le Coronavirus et le nouveau business des cache-nez et gants à ... À Treichville gare de bassam, Seydou 27ans, habituel vendeur ambulant ... Comme Seydou en effet, et comme constaté à Abidjan, plusieurs marchands se sont ...

MAROC.Coronavirus : Le vrai du faux sur l'épidémie au Maroc, ce ...Challenge (1 April 2020) Les marchands ambulants de Rheiba, le plus grand marché populaire de la ville de Laâyoune, ont été évacués vers des locaux modernes qui répondent aux 

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