March, 2017
VIDEO: The Warrior Within: Empowering Women Waste Pickers
Video / slideshows:

The Gender and Waste Project has been an ongoing-platform for women waste pickers to voice their opinions and perspectives on gender inequalities, both individually and collectively. This project has sought to challenge the obstacles that currently impede women’s ability to shape and change (1) working conditions, (2) relations in the domestic sphere and (3) women’s participation at diverse levels and within the waste pickers’ movement.


Brittany Thomas, a student of John Hopkins University and recipient of the 2015 Meg Walsh Award, used her award to document the impact of the project on the lives of participants by producing portraits. In March 2016, Brittany was joined by Boston College film student Cai Thomas and they captured, translated and edited most of the footage used to produce this video.


In English and Portuguese.

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