Social Protection Floor for the Working Poor (Draft Platform)
WIEGO and StreetNet International, .
June, 2012

A booklet for advocacy around the global social floor: while essentially supportive of the idea of the floor, it also identifies specific needs and demands of informal workers in the area of social protection.

The four pillars of decent work are employment opportunities, workers’ rights, representation, and social protection. Informal workers work in unregulated and unprotected conditions, with little or no access to social protection. At the 101st session of the ILC in June 2012, the ILO will discuss a standard-­‐setting and International Labour standard in the form of an autonomous Recommendation of a Global Social Floor (GSF). The Global Social Floor, which would be a minimum standard of social protection throughout a person’s life, holds the potential to include large numbers of informal workers in basic social protection.


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