Women, gender and work: Social choices and inequalities. Volume 2
Lansky, Mark, ed, Jayati Ghosh, ed, Dominique Méda, ed and Uma Rani, ed.
February, 2017
Place of Publication:
International Labour Organization
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"On many aggregate measures of labour market performance, gender gaps have narrowed steadily across much of the world. Yet, the statistical picture is not entirely what it seems. The gaps have often narrowed through levelling down, and gendered social regulation still powerfully shapes the life choices of women and men. This second volume of Women, Gender and Work features some 30 recent articles selected from the International Labour Review, offering the insights of economists, sociologists and lawyers into a wide range of gender issues and country settings, from Mali to Switzerland, from Jamaica to Malaysia."

This volume includes "Globalization, social exclusion and gender" by Marty Chen and Marilyn Carr. It also includes "Hierarchies of care work in South Africa: nurses, social workers and home-based care workers" by Francie Lund.

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