Informal Economy Budget Analysis in Brazil, Pakistan, Peru and Philippines
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WIEGO Working Paper No. 11
Budlender, Debbie.
October, 2009
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Working Papers

Informal Economy Budget AnalysisThis paper brings together the findings from four country papers on informal economy budget analysis. Informal economy budget analysis asks how government budgets address the interests of different groups of informal workers and investigates what opportunities exist for informal workers or their representatives to participate in the budget process.


Country papers were developed for Brazil, Pakistan, Peru and Philippines. Each focused on two or three types of workers as case studies and covered functions that affect informal workers at all levels of government.


This composite paper summarizes the findings of the country studies; describes the way in which planning and budgeting processes provide for public participation; and reflects on the experiences of, and approaches used by, the four researchers and how these might inform future attempts to conduct informal economy budget analysis.


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