29 January 2018
The Observatory of Inclusive and Solidarity Recycling Prepares for National Expansion

The Observatory of Inclusive and Solidarity Recycling – ORIS  is a space for reflection, systematization and production of knowledge, education and short and long term action planning, always based on the perspective of crucial issues that waste pickers face in order to develop and strengthen solidary recycling as a technological alternative. ORIS is formed by many organizations such as the National Movement of Waste Pickers – MNCR; the NGO INSEA; Sustentar Institute, various research groups from universities such as  Núcleo Alternativas from the Federal University of Minas Gerais or Fluxus Laboratory from the University of Campinas; the global network WIEGO, Avina Foundation and others.


Created in 2011 the Observatory provides support to the MNCR through knowledge coproduction on key issues such as incineration, inclusive technological routes, knowledge dissemination via seminars, conferences, meetings, publications, and mobilizations to support the recyclers´ struggles.  Given demands from other regions of Brazil the Observatory is planning to expand its reach to the states of Amazonas, Ceará, Espírito Santo, Rio Grande do Sul, and São Paulo.

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