February 15, 2019

Launch of "Supporting Informal Workers in Public Space: A Toolkit for Local Authorities"

Informal workers - such as street vendors and waste pickers - who work in public spaces play a central role in urban economic and social life in cities around the world. But, in today’s global economy, local authorities face pressure to privatize, commercialize and securitize public space. This reduces the amount of public space available for regulated use by citizens, including informal workers. How can local authorities balance these competing interests? And what can they do to promote inclusive public spaces?

Join us for the launch of Supporting Informal Workers in Public Space: A Toolkit for Local Authorities developed by WIEGO with the support of the Cities Alliance.

Click here to to join us via webcast.

Based in New York? If you'd like to join in person, please contact: Sarah.Reed@wiego.org

Two of the Toolkit’s authors, Jenna Harvey and Sarah Reed will provide an overview of the contributions of informal workers in urban economies and public space, and outline why local governments should make policies and institutionalize governance systems that enhance these benefits at the event. They will also introduce resources for achieving this objective: tools for data collection, considerations for regulatory system design, and principles for long-term management through participatory governance.

The event will be opened by representatives of Cities Alliance and will include expert commentary from Setha Low, Director of Public Space Research Group at CUNY andrenowned scholar of public space and Matthew Shapiro Legal Director for the Street Vendor Project, a membership-based organization representing New York City’s street vendors.

Questions will be taken at the event and virtually via Twitter. Follow #PublicSpace4All & @WIEGOglobal for updates!

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