Working in Warwick: Including street traders in urban plans

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“Warwick Junction has provided exhilarating proof of how poor people, in sensitive collaboration with urban planners, can enliven a city centre, generate employment for themselves and expand services for the population at large.”
– Professor Keith Hart, the anthropologist who coined the phrase “informal sector”

This book by Richard Dobson and Caroline Skinner with Jillian Nicholson (2009) offers a fresh look at street traders’ lives, the role they play in city life and their contribution to its economy. It shows that it is possible to include street trading in urban plans in a way that adds to the vitality and attraction of cities. This is not a common perception of street trading or of urban planning, which makes the book all the more significant.

Warwick is a vibrant street trading area situated in the primary transport hub in South Africa’s east coast city of Durban. This is the context for the book: here, a small dedicated team of local authority officials, street traders and their leaders worked for over a decade tackling seemingly insurmountable urban management and design challenges. It is hoped that this account of the transformation of Warwick will inspire other local authorities and planners as they deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by the informal economy.

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Working in Warwick: Including Street Traders in Urban Plans

Working in Warwick - Table of Contents Table of Contents & Introduction
Working in Warwick - Chapter 1 Chapter 1: A Walk Through Warwick
Working in Warwick - Chapter 2 Chapter 2: Turning Warwick Around
Working in Warwick - Chapter 3 Chapter 3: Different Sectors, Different Challenges
Working in Warwick - Chapter 4 Chapter 4:
From Street to Informal Shopping Concourse: Urban Design Solutions
Working in Warwick - Chapter 5 Chapter 5:
Tackling Urban Management Issues: A Cooperative Effort
Working in Warwick - Chapter 6 Chapter 6: Conclusion
Working in Warwick - Index and References

Index and References

A blog post by Tasmi Quazi of AeT describes more of AeT's work with street traders through their Kanyenathi Project.