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Home-Based Worker Manual for OrganizersA Manual for Organizers of Homeworkers

Who This Manual Is For

This manual is for anyone who is involved in helping home-based workers to organize for a better future. The emphasis in this manual is on “dependent” homeworkers: those who take in work from others – neighbours, agents, companies – supply the goods or services they have asked for, and get paid for the work done. In this manual, we refer to this type of home-based worker specifically as a “homeworker.”

How To Use This Manual

This manual aims to be a first stepping-stone towards helping home-based workers to organize themselves. It is also useful for those already in groups who are organized but who want to strengthen their organization, as the manual provides home-based workers with some tools to tackle the challenges they face.

  1. It gives some brief information on these topics:
    1. the world of home-based work
    2. organizing home-based workers
    3. raising pay and security
    4. getting more out of global chains
  2. It suggests activities and questions that home-based workers might like to discuss together, to help them come up with a plan of action.
  3. There are examples of what home-based workers are already doing, and things they are saying.
  4. There are “Arguments to Use” – to persuade anyone not yet convinced of the role and rights of home-based workers, whether they are other home-based workers, or the companies and agents supplying the work, or governments who make the laws, or husbands, families and communities who fail to appreciate home-based workers’ contributions to society and the economy.
  5. There are suggestions of where to go for more information or help.

The content of this manual is designed to be used in training or awareness-raising workshops with home-based workers. One way to use it would be to take each section and build a half-day workshop around it. The aim is to stimulate discussion and confidence among homeworkers, leading to some ideas for action. The manual can also be used as a reference and guide for organizers and leaders as they go about their work.

Home-Based Worker Manual for Organizers


Download and print this manual.