Makola Market Traders' Union

Makola Market, Accra Ghana

The New Makola Market Traders’ Union of Ghana T.U.C represents workers in the renowned Makola Market in central Accra, Ghana.  It was formed in 1999, and was registered in 2002 with the Registrar General Department.  The Union became an official was affiliate of the Ghana T.U.C. 2003, and is also a member of StreetNet Ghana.

The Makola Market Traders’ Union is dominated by women traders, and its leaders include Cloth Sellers, Tomato Sellers, Smoked Fish Sellers, Cow Meat Sellers, Yam Sellers, Dried Meat Sellers, Fresh Fish Sellers, Dried Fish Sellers, Provision Sellers, Silver Ware Sellers, etc.  The aim of the Union is to foster unity among the traders in the Makola Market.  The Union holds weekly meetings to discuss pressing problems facing all the Traders.  In the event of any problem or conflict, the Union is called upon to settle the clash.  Currently, the Makola Market Traders’ Union has about 2,000 members.

The Union faces extraordinary challenges in enabling its members to be self-supporting and for the Union itself to be economically sustainable, and free from political interference. Some of its main activities include development projects in all markets, in negotiations with local and national government. 

The main governing body of the Makola Market Traders’ Union is the Executive Committee, which is composed as follows:
    1. Chairperson
    2. Treasurer
    3. Financial Secretary
    4. Secretary
    5. Welfare Officer
    6. Organizers

The Executive Committee formulates policies, handles and regulates day-to-day affairs of the Union, and is empowered to summon emergency meetings.  It operates with at least two-thirds of its members, of which the Chairperson and the Secretary must be among to form a quorum.

The Union has a constitution which is subjected to amendment from time to time as needed and passed by two-thirds of the Executive Committee having duly consulted the house.

There is also a Welfare Committee made up of four members to see to the welfare of the members, especially the elder members who cannot come to the market due to old age and ill health.  The Union generates funds from donations, and facilitates activities to raise funds for the Union.  All members of the Union have Membership cards, and pay dues at the end of each month.

Video:  Makola Market Vendors on the Challenge of Fires

Makola Market Traders’ Union
Contact: Ms. Deborah Yemoteley Quaye, Chairperson
phone: +233 275572798
PO Box 192 Alajo