Le Syndicat des Vendeurs de Matériaux de Construction du Togo (SYVEMACOT)

SYVEMACOT Women's Leadership 2013The Union of Sellers of Building Materials of Togo (Le Syndicat des Vendeurs de Matériaux de Construction du Togo, SYVEMACOT) is governed by an executive team of nine members including two women, and is led by the newly elected Secretary General Mr. KESSOUAGNI Mensanh Komi. Its members are venders of building materials. 

The vision of SYVEMACOT in the coming years is to increase the union’s membership with market vendors and street hawkers in order to become a strong organization, and increase its collective voice when addressing the authorities in Togo. Work has been initiated through a campaign for the awareness of informal workers and their rights and duties, with the slogan, "Nothing for Us Without Us!"

SYVEMACOT also plans to teach and mobilize its members and other vendors of building materials about social protection, and to organize related campaigns in strategic locations. In addition, SYVEMACOT also plans to make recommendations about social protection to the federal government, federal structures (TRIF), confederate structures (CSTT) and their partners.

Contact: Kessouagni Mensanh Komi,
Secretary General