Federation Nationale des Syndicats (FENASEIN)

Souley Zeinabou, President of FENASEIN in Niger, speaking at International Labor Conference 2014

FENASEIN stands for Federation Nationale des Syndicats (National Federation of Trade Unions). FENASEIN is a national affiliate of StreetNet International in Niger. The objectives of FENASEIN include: improve living and working conditions of members to achieve emancipation and social wellbeing; unite, organise and safeguard the freedom to organise and to encourage the advancement of members; ensure that the economy is organised to serve the people; promote social economy and solidarity.

Informal worker groups who are members of FENASEIN include: street and market vendors, stevedores/dockers, transport/taxi workers, commerce workers, mechanics, building, wood and forestry workers, clothing and garment workers, and tailors.

Contact: Souley Zeinabou, President of FENASEIN and Treasurer of StreetNet International

00227 9253 5056; 00227 9698 093000227 9698 0930 


szhbb@yahoo.fr, fenasein@yahoo.fr


B.P. 388

Niamey Niger


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