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Theme: Informal Economy
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Russia Moscow textile workshop fire kills 12 migrant workers The Star . (31 January 2016)

Russian officials say a fire at a textile workshop in Moscow has killed 12 people, including three children. The Investigative Committee, the top state investigative agency, says the fire that erupted late Saturday in northeastern Moscow engulfed an area of over 32,000 square feet. It says it's looking at arson as one of the possible causes.

By Lan, M..

According to investigators, these people worked for two garment companies - Vinastar and Garizon Open - in Moscow. Specifically, Vinastar recruited more than 100 workers from Vietnam, including 45 from the Construction and Investment JSC No. 1 (HICC1) and a labor export firm in Thai Binh Province.

Russia Blaze at Garment Workshop Kills 14 Vietnam News . (13 September 2012)

HA NOI (VNS)— As many as 14 Vietnamese garment workers were burned to death and one other was seriously injured in a fire at a three-storey garment workshop in Yegoryevsk, 100km to the southeast of Moscow, on Tuesday afternoon.

Pakistan Russia Global Brands Should Ensure Garment Worker Safety Clean Clothes Campaign . (12 September 2012)

CCC mourns the senseless deaths of at least 250 garment workers who perished in three factory fires in Pakistan and Russia this week.

Russia Russian Garment Factory Fire Kills 14 Vietnamese Workers Reuters . (11 September 2012)

A fire swept through a garment factory outside Moscow on Tuesday, killing at least 14 Vietnamese migrant workers, Russian emergency officials said.

Russia Migrant Workers Killed In Moscow Region Fire Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty . (11 September 2012)

Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry says 14 workers were killed when a building in the Moscow region caught fire.

Women workers packing ice cream at Unilever's Inmarko factory in Omsk (Siberia) struck for 3 days in May demanding union recognition and a return to direct employment - and won.

Russia Street Politics Russia Profile . (23 November 2010)
By Roth, Andrew.

The dust has settled after government officials wiped over 2.000 carts and kiosks from Moscow’s streets in a whirlwind campaign during the first two weeks of November. Amid concerns over lack of due process, an oversight by the city government has further angered small business owners and organizations: no official order was given by the city government to undertake the massive campaign to close the kiosks.

Russia Moscow Street Sales Slump Russian Press . (18 November 2010)
By Novosti, Ria.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin’s enthusiastic campaign to clear Moscow of kiosks and other street vendors, one of his first initiatives since taking office, has hit local small businesses and even inflicted losses on major beer and chocolate producers.