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Theme: Informal Economy
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India Everything is Connected The Hindu . (8 May 2016)
By Langa, Mahesh.

In her latest book "Anubandh", noted Gandhian and the force behind the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), Ela Bhatt, makes an appeal to build holistic and mutually beneficial communities to cater to the basic needs of daily life: food (including water), clothing, education, health, housing, education and banking.

By Mukherjee Parikh, Runa.

India’s premier B-school for strategic marketing and communication, MICA, has decided to join hands with Self Employed Women's Association (Sewa), a trade union for poor, self-employed women workers, for the capacity building of the ‘Master Trainers’ of Sewa.

India Leadership transforming vision into reality The Hans India . (21 April 2016)
By Ramesh, M Anil.

Ela Bhatt is an Indian cooperative organizer and activist who founded the Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA). She was influenced by the fact that thousands of women factory workers worked elsewhere to supplement the family income, but there were state laws protecting only those who were solely industrial workers and not these self-employed women.

India Study to find tech choices of women with low income The Times of India . (21 January 2016)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Self-Employed Women's Association (Sewa) Bharat are both trying to learn how women in the informal sector evaluate and use technology.

India Management and union should work collectively: TV Narendran The Avenue Mail . (10 January 2016)

"Mitra, principal labour and employment advisor, ministry of labour and employment, government of India, said the main focus of the ministry is labour reforms and see that all rights of the labour must be respected. The Union government will issue a unique identification number for unorganised workers to ensure them best benefits of government welfare and industrial policies."

Participants in a related panel discussion included WIEGO's Home-based workers Sector Specialist, Shalini Sinha, and SEWA, Kerela, General Secretary, Sonia George.

India Women’s Day: Hats off to Jaya and Ela! Indian Cooperative . (10 March 2014)
By Jha, Ajay.

On the eve of International Day for Women Indian Cooperative wishes to pay tributes to those who have contributed to the participation of women in the cooperative movement.

India With love from Nancy Powell Daily News and Analysis . (18 February 2014)

An article about US Ambassador Nancy Powell's visit to SEWA.

India The feminine way . (20 January 2014)
By Baruah, Amit.

Ela Bhatt has to be one of India’s most influential change-makers. She founded and led self-help group SEWA – or the Self-Employed Women’s Association – that has transformed the lives of nearly two million women and their families.

India 41 housemaids get training as drivers Sakāl Times . (11 November 2013)

 Forced to discontinue their education due to poor financial conditions and later working as housemaids, 41 young girls have acquired training in driving vehicles and are 'steering' their lives towards progress. This is due to the efforts of Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP).

India Sewa founder Ela Bhatt pays tribute to Anasuya Sarabhai Daily News and Analysis (DNA) . (28 July 2013)
By Gupta, Gargi.

SEWA's Ela Bhatt, the eminent social activist, made it a point to be present in the capital this week for the inauguration of an exhibition: 'Motaben — Anasuya Sarabhai (1885-1972)'.