A Study on Socio-Economic Conditions of Home Based Workers in the Textile and Garment Industry in North India

Bino Paul GD, Ashutosh B. Murti, Garima Singh
  • Place of Publication: Mumbai
  • Publisher: Labour Market Research Facility (LMRF) - Tata Institute of Social Sciences

From the Executive Summary: "In the context of the enormity of informal employment in India, it is important to investigate the ground realities of the principal livelihood streams such as home-based work that absorb persons primarily from lower socio economic strata. The core objectives of our research are: to understand the home based work in India in the unorganized labour space, and examine best practices and international guidelines concerning the home based work in textile/ garment industry, to examine the socio-economic contexts of home-based workers-household characteristics, personal characteristics, and working and living status, and to assess risk levels with regard to home-based workers as against international best practices and home working, and other legal aspects of labour and employment."

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