Informal workers and the use of mobile technology and communications: Findings from key informant interviews

Francie Lund, Laura Alfers
  • Publisher: WIEGO, Vital Wave, mHealth Alliance

Informal workers and mobile technologyThis is a report of a small study done to explore how mobile phones are being used, and might be better used, to improve the health of informal workers. The findings reported here are from a rapid survey of membership based organizations (MBOs), international alliances of MBOs, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supporting MBOs, WIEGO co-ordinators of city level work, and a workers’ health programme within a university department of public health. All of these have a commitment to supporting very poor informal workers. The study explored their involvement in health education, health campaigns, access to health services, and health insurance. It identified existing and planned modes of communication between organization leaders and members, and within regional and national alliances. It investigated in particular the use of mobile phones in health-related work and activities.

Informal Economy Theme
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