Informal Workers Organizing Internationally

Timeline of Key Events

sewa women1970s  

1972 – Founding of SEWA

1983 – SEWA affiliates with International Union of Food and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF)
1988 – Founding of Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Household Workers (CONLACTRAHO)
1989 – Founding of National Network of Homeworkers (PATAMABA) Philippines

1990 – Founding of Asociacion Nacional de Recicladores (ANR) Colombia
1990 – International Conference on Home-Based Workers
1992 – Founding of HomeNet Thailand
1994 – Founding of HomeNet International
1995 – Conference and Bellagio Declaration on Street Vendors , Italy
1996 – Adoption of ILO Convention # 177 on Homework
1997 – Founding of WIEGO
1997 – Founding of HomeNet South-East Asia
1998 – Formation of National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI)

HBW2000 – First South Asia Regional Conference on Home-BasedWorkers and Kathmandu Declaration, Nepal
2000 -  Founding of HomeNet South Asia, Nepal
2000-   Collapse of HomeNet International
2000 – Establishment of Street Net Association, South Africa
2001 – Founding of National Movement of Waste Pickers, MNCR, Brazil
2001 – Formation of HomeNet India
2002 – Resolution and Conclusions on Decent Work in the Informal Economy, ILO
2002 – Official Launch of StreetNet International, South Africa
2002 – Founding of the Alliance of Zambian Informal Economy Associations (AZIEA)
2002 –  Launch of CTCP- association of self employed workers in Nicaragua
2002 – Founding of HomeNet Nepal
2003 – First International Conference on “Organizing in the Informal Economy”, India
2003 – Formation of  International Coordinating Committee on organizing in the IE
2005 – Founding of the Latin American Waste Picker Network (LAWPN)
2005-  HomeNet Pakistan formed     
2005-  Founding of HomeNet Bangladesh
2005 – Founding of Asia Domestic Workers’ Network
2005 – Founding of Kenya National Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders (KENASVIT)
2005 – First Regional Conference in Africa on “Organizing in the Informal Economy”, Senegal
2005  – Ratification of ILO Convention on Homework Campaign led by Global Labour Institute
2006 – SEWA affiliates to ICFTU /ITUC
2006 – Second “Organizing in the Informal Economy” Conference, Ghana
2006 – First International Conference of Domestic Workers
2006 – First Meeting of Alliance of Indian Waste Pickers
2007 – Founding of MRP (waste picker association, Peru)
2007 – Founding of MNRC (waste picker association, Chile)
2007 Formal launch of HomeNet South Asia
2007 – Founding of National Domestic Workers Alliance, USA
2008 – First World Conference of Waste Pickers and Third Latin American Regional Congress, Colombia

2008 – HomeNet Srilanka formed
2008 – Founding of National Waste Picker Associations in Bolivia, Ecuador, and Uruguay
2008 – Interim Steering Committee of International Domestic Workers Network set up
2008 – Launch of global project “Inclusive Cities for the Urban Working Poor” waste pickers brazil
2008 – Launch of campaign for international Convention for domestic workers
2009 – First Meeting of developing Global Alliance of Waste Pickers, Argentina
2009 – First national meeting of South African Waste Pickers
2009 – Meeting on  organizing informal workers in Central and Eastern Europe
2009 – Consolidation of  IDWN and Interim Steering Committee , Geneva
2009 – First African sub regional workshop of IDWN, Kenya
2009 – Waste pickers participate in UNFCC Climate Change conferences at Bonn and  Copenhagen

2010 – StreetNet Regional Meeting on Organizing Waste Pickers in Africa, Senegal
2010 – SEWA elected as a Vice President of ITUC
2010 – Fourth Latin American Waste Pickers Congress, Peru
2010 – First National Meeting of Waste Pickers and Collectors in Kenya
2010 – Third StreetNet International Congress, Benin
2010 – IDWN second Africa regional workshop, Benin
2010 – Waste pickers participate in UNFCC, China and Mexico
2011 – First National Conference of Indian Waste pickers (AIW)
2011 – First WIEGO cross-sector MBO workshop, Thailand
2011 – ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189) adopted at ILCdomestic workers
2011 Waste pickers participate in UNFCC Climate Change Conference in South Africa
2011 First meeting of home-based worker organizations and support groups in Eastern Europe
2012 Regional Assembly of RedLacre and first Central American Conference of WPs, Nicaragua
2012 Waste pickers hold global strategic workshop in Pune, India
2013 HomeNet Eastern Europe formally launched, Bulgaria
2013 Waste pickers participate in ILC discussion on sustainable development, decent work and green jobs
2013 Launch of Africa Domestic Workers Network (AfDWN), South Africa
2013 Launch of International Domestic Workers Federation, Montevideo, Uruguay
2014 Regional workshops to discuss formalization in Asia, Latin America and Africa
2014 WIEGO Network delegation of informal workers participate in International Labour Conference (ILC) on formalization

2015 First Global Conference of Home-Based Workers, Delhi, India
2015 First General Body Meeting of HomeNet South Asia launching new structure