WIEGO Global HBW Meeting and International HBW Research Conference

Stockholm, Sweden

Home-based worker India
Paula Bronstein/Getty Images Reportage


The WIEGO Global Home-Based Worker Meeting and the International Home-Based Workers Research Conference took place from May 21st to May 24th, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Global Meeting gathered WIEGO’s HBW Regional MBO networks to share updates on HBW organizations worldwide and to chart a way forward for global networking in the sector.

The conference was for a wider audience of academics and our home-based workers partner membership-based organizations. Research papers were presented at the event, which aimed to provide an international platform to further knowledge on home-based workers, both self-employed and sub-contracted, in a global perspective from the 19th century to today. The themes of the conference were as follows:


  • Statistics and Visibility
  • Agency/Organising
  • Regulation/the role of the state/legal rights and protections
  • Sector specific


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