Seminar: “Organizing women informal workers”

Stockholm, Sweden


The seminar “Organizing women informal workers: Experiences of a global research-policy network” took place on May 3rd at the University of Stockholm in Sweden.

At this seminar, senior researchers and activists of the WIEGO leadership team shared and reflected upon their experiences in building transnational sector-specific networks of informal workers and their collective advocacy capacity; promoting social protection for informal workers; promoting more inclusive urban policies and planning; and on developing methods to measure the informal workforce with a view to increase its visibility.

WIEGO’s International Coordinator, Marty Chen, spoke at the event. Also present as guest speakers were WIEGO's Francie Lund, Emeritus WIEGO Team Member; Sally Roever, Director of the Urban Policies Programme; Joann Vanek, Director of the Statistics Programme; and Mike Bird, Operations Director.