Multi-stakeholder meeting on the situation of urban waste pickers recycling solid waste in Peru

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WIEGO and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) convened the fifth multi-stakeholder meeting on solid waste recyclers. In this event, the experiences regarding waste picker inclusion as service providers in Bogota, Colombia was shared. It was also an opportunity to review the themes and agreements from the four multi-stakeholder meetings that took place in 2014.

Representatives from national and local government entities, waste pickers' organizations from Perú, and allied organizations participated. Participants from the national government included representatives from the Ministry of Environment; the Directorate of Community and Environmental Education from the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Economy and Finance; the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion; and the National Fund for the Environment. Authorities from the local governments of Lima, San Luis, and Magdalena del Mar were also there. Representatives from waste pickers' organizations included: the Federación Nacional de recicladores del Perú (FENAREP), the Movimiento Nacional de Recicladores (MNR), the Asociación Civil Nacional de Recicladores del Perú, and ECOSAD, as well as allied organizations.

From WIEGO, in addition to Carmen Roca (WIEGO’s Advisor for Latin America) and Edith Anampa (Project Manager in Lima), Federico Parra (Latin America Coordinator, Waste Pickers), Tania Espinosa (Latin America Coordinator, Law and Informality), and Rhonda Douglas (Director, Strategy Programme) also attended.

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