International Day of Cooperatives: Cooperation among workers in the informal economy

Geneva, Switzerland

International Cooperative Day Seminar Invitation

In order to mark the celebrations of the International Day of Cooperatives (July 1st), the ILO hosted the seminar “Cooperation among workers in the informal economy”, in Geneva, on 3 July 2017. 

The ILO and WIEGO have published a report on an initiative that aims to deepen the understanding on the nature and role of cooperatives and other Social and Solidarity organizations for waste pickers and home-based workers.

WIEGO’s waste specialist Sonia Dias presented her work on waste picker organizations in Brazil. An additional presentation was done by Simel Esim, Head of the Cooperatives Unit at the ILO, who outlined the main findings and recommendations from the new publication.


More Information

Read the full report, Cooperation among workers in the informal economy: A focus on home-based workers and waste pickers

Read the summary with the main findings of the ILO-WIEGO study Cooperation among workers in the informal economy

See the presentation by Sonia Maria Dias and Lucia Fernandez, Formalization from the Ground – creating jobs within urban solid waste systems: the case of waste pickers´cooperatives

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Read WIEGO Policy Brief (Urban Policies) No. 6:  Overview of the Legal Framework for Inclusion of Informal Recyclers in Solid Waste Management in Brazil



Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in BogotaARB: Fighting for an Inclusive Model for Recycling in Bogota (Case Study)

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Wastepickers and Carbon FinancingWaste Pickers and Carbon Finance: Issues to Consider - This Technical Brief clarifies the requirements for carbon finance mechanisms to provide an assessment of whether informal waste picker membership-based organizations (MBOs) in the global South can reasonably meet these requirements and the potential investments needed to successfully secure carbon financing.

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Paying Waste Pickers for Environmental ServicesPaying Waste Pickers for Environmental Services: A Critical Examination of Options Proposed in Brazil - summary  |  download publication

español: Remuneración a los recicladores por servicios ambientales: un examen crítico - resumen  |  descargar publicacione

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