Home-Based Workers’ Workshops in Nairobi and Kampala

Nairobi, Kenya

Kampala, Uganda

Nubian craftswomen

Following the Funding Leadership and Opportunities for Women (FLOW) project in Africa, a workshop took place in Nairobi from January 8th to 9th, and in Kampala from January 10th to 11th 2018. Vanessa Pillay, WIEGO’s Organization and Representation Programme Officer participated at the event, alongside representatives from the Ugandan Fair Trade Association (UGAFAT) and Kenyan Fair Trade Association (KEFAT).

The FLOW project was concluded in 2015. The initiative sought to support national and regional networking among home-based workers and their organisations with the view to build and strengthen the home-based workers movement in Africa.

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Learn about the project that helped secure econoimc rights for home-based women workers in Kenya and Uganda.

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