Global Deal Senior Officials Meeting and High-Level Seminar in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Global Deal Senior Officials Meeting and High-Level Seminar took place on November 22nd and 23rd 20017, in Geneva, Switzerland. On the 22nd, the High-Level Seminar “Making Globalisation Work for Everyone: The Global Deal and Trade” discussed the challenges to reduce inequality in a globalized world. On the 23rd, Global Deal Senior Officials met for the first time to share experiences, practices, and ways to move the partnership forward. WIEGO’s Operations Director attended the event.

In August 2017, WIEGO joined the Global Deal partnership. Other international organizations and NGOs are also part of the institution, such as Oxfam, ILO, OECD, and Fairtrade International, as well as several major labour unions, business organizations, and member-states governments.

The Global Deal is a multi-stakeholder partnership with the objective of jointly addressing the challenges in the global labour market and enabling all people to benefit from globalization. The Global Deal aims to encourage governments, businesses, unions, and other organizations to make commitments to enhance social dialogue.


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