Communications Officer - HomeNet International

Communications Officer - HomeNet International

HomeNet International is looking for a communications and media officer.

Are you a dynamic multilingual communications professional who wants to contribute to social justice and equality issues?

HomeNet International is an international organization preparing for launch in 2021 that brings together home-based worker organizations from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia and Latin America. The goal is to ensure a strong representative voice for home-based workers (eg. garment workers, embroiderers and others who produce goods in their home) on global platforms to effectively engage and challenge governments, brands and other employers who have power over their livelihoods.

HomeNet International seeks an experienced communicator with both strategic and hands-on communications skills. The selected candidate must be equally comfortable developing communications plans and strategies as they are managing (and training others on) all standard communications and media channels. This is a part-time (4 days a week) home-based position.

Join us and help raise the visibility of our organization and contribute to actions for improving the lives of millions of home-based workers around the world.

What the role includes:

  • Work with us (and regional affiliates/organizations) to develop strategic plans for the sharing and promotion of HomeNet International’s work through our website, newsletters, social media, online platforms and traditional press media channels.
  • Coordinate effective messaging and planning for communicating on global and regional campaigns.
  • Manage and solicit content from regional partners for our wordpress website, creating new pages, posting and tagging new content. 
  • Facilitate online exchange, exchange and launches via Zoom and similar online conferencing tools.
  • Manage our social media channels, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Create (or oversee creation of) social media and website graphics and videos.
  • Compile and edit our monthly newsletter and disseminate to our affiliates, supporters and other subscribers.
  • Monitor news media and identify opportunities to engage with media on issues related to HomeNet International’s goals.
  • Copy-edit and develop content for media releases, publications and social media campaigns.
  • Train our team and national affiliates on communications tools and planning.

The ideal candidate is:

  • A communicator and activist with interest/experience working on social justice, human rights, women’s rights and/or workers’ rights issues. Understanding the issues surrounding informal work is a plus.
  • Has a degree in communications or journalism (or equivalent experience) plus 10 years of relevant experience.
  • The candidate must have excellent English skills (eg. editing) plus have very good command of French and/or Spanish and/or another language. You should feel comfortable developing text for social media assets in multiple languages.
  • Experience updating content on wordpress sites (supervising) and managing social media sites, including use of Hootsuite, paid social media ads and analysis of social media campaigns.
  • Experience with Mailchimp or other programmes for e-newsletter production.
  • Significant experience pitching to online and traditional media outlets.
  • This is a part-time, home-based position. You must supply your own computer and have a stable internet connection.

This position is for approximately 32 hours per week. After a trial period of 3 months a contract for the remainder of the fiscal year will be issued. HomeNet International is committed to workers’ rights and equality for all. We invite all qualified candidates to apply by sending a resume, cover letter and 2 writing samples (in English), to by November 1, 2020.