WIEGO's Leadership Transition: Celebrating Marty Chen

Marty Chen at WIEGO


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Letter from WIEGO Board Chair Renana Jhabvala to the WIEGO Network, December, 2017:


Dear WIEGO Family and Friends - 2017 has seen a momentous year for WIEGO. It marks both the 20th Anniversary of WIEGO's founding and a transition in leadership.

Marty Chen was a co-founder of WIEGO and has served as the leader - the International Coordinator - of WIEGO since its founding. Much of the growth and reputation of WIEGO has been due to Marty's efforts. Her strategic understanding of macro processes, her intellectual rigour, her knowledge of how to combine action and research leading to policy change and, most of all, her passion and commitment are what has propelled WIEGO to become such an effective network. With her positive personality and her ability to get the best out of people, she has been an excellent leader and manager of a worldwide and often virtual network, bringing together organisations at the grassroots who speak only local languages, professors in eminent universities and top level government and international agency people. For me these twenty years have been a wonderful partnership and an exciting journey.  

Five years ago, in consultation with the WIEGO Board and Team, Marty and three other senior leaders of WIEGO began a process of planning for their succession. Marty will step down as International Coordinator of WIEGO at the end of this month and will continue as a Senior Advisor. Sally Roever will take over as the International Coordinator of WIEGO on January 1, 2018. 

Sally Roever holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Berkeley (2005). Her current research focuses on the risks and vulnerabilities associated with own-account work in the urban informal economy; the role of urban infrastructure and public space in supporting informal livelihoods; and innovations in urban legal frameworks regarding informal employment. Her research has appeared in several journals, including Environment and Urbanization, the International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, and Cityscape. She also has published articles in The Guardian, Cityscope, the Global Urbanist, and Development Progress, among others, and has been cited by media outlets including National Public Radio and Next City. Sally has served as both the Director and Street Vendor Specialist of WIEGO's Urban Policies Programme. She has lived and traveled abroad extensively, including a year in Lima, Peru, where she studied street vending organisations and local governance as part of her doctorate. She is currently based in Rome, Italy.

On behalf of the WIEGO Board, I would like to thank Marty for her leadership and welcome Sally as the incoming International Coordinator of WIEGO.

Renana Jhabvala                                           
Chair, WIEGO
National Coordinator, SEWA]


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