WIEGO Publication Series

This series features selected publications by WIEGO researchers, members/partners produced since 2008. Its aim is to contribute to existing knowledge on the informal economy. Working Papers and Briefs, listed below, provide user-friendly documentation for those involved in advocacy, policy and research on the informal economy. The WIEGO Publication Series is coordinated by the WIEGO Research Team. 

WIEGO Working Paper SeriesWIEGO Working Papers

Working papers feature research that makes either an empirical or theoretical contribution to existing knowledge about the informal economy.

Particular attention is paid to policy-relevant research. This series includes statistical profiles of informal employment and critical analysis of data collection and classification methods.

Methodological issues and innovations, as well as suggestions for future research, are considered. All WIEGO Working Papers are peer reviewed by the WIEGO Research Team and/or external experts.

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WIEGO Briefs

WIEGO Briefs

Policy Briefs offer information on policies and organizational practices that affect the informal economy. This series supports advocacy processes and disseminates better practices and ideas, contributing to a worker- and livelihood-centered approach to development.

Organizing Briefs contain information on organizing strategies and practices in the informal economy. This series aims to support organizing efforts and disseminate better practices.

Statistical Briefs provide summary statistics on informal employment and the informal economy. They include information about methods for the collection, tabulation and analysis of statistics.

Technical Briefs provide guides for both specialized and non-specialized audiences. These are designed to strengthen understanding and analysis of the situation of those working in the informal economy as well as of the policy environment and policy options.

Legal Briefs examine how laws can be used by informal workers and their organizations to improve livelihoods. Some Legal Briefs analyze international instruments that can be used for national advocacy or to hold states and corporations accountable at the global level. Others describe laws that  recognize informal workers' rights and precedent-setting cases that have extended entitlements to informal workers, and the associated political struggles.

Budget Briefs are popular versions of longer informal economy budget analyses (IEBA). Budget analysis aims to understand how government budgets address the needs and interests of informal workers, and also investigate what opportunities exist for informal workers, or their representatives, to participate at different stages of the budget process.

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Workers' Lives SeriesWorkers' Lives

Workers' Lives use descriptive profiles of individual workers to explore informal employment. The series illuminates, in different contexts, the living and working environments of informal workers and how they experience first-hand the impact of policies and organizing initiatives.

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WIEGO Resource Documents

Resource Documents include WIEGO-generated literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and papers reflecting the findings from new empirical work. They provide detail to support advocacy, policy or research on specific issues. View all Resource Documents


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