The WIEGO Network - Defining Features

WIEGO focuses on the concrete reality of the working poor, especially women, in the informal economy. We seek to integrate an informed understanding of this concrete reality into mainstream development thinking, policies and institutions.

- We draw on the distinct expertise of, and build effective alliances between, our three constituencies:

  • membership-based organizations of informal workers 
  • research, statistical, and academic institutions
  • development agencies (non-governmental and inter-governmental)

- We promote and combine the “value added” of these three constituencies:

  • the grounded understanding, collective strength, and moral authority of membership-based organizations of informal workers
  • the rigorous findings and informed analysis of research and statistical institutions
  • the leverage and influence of informed policymakers

-We forge South-South and North-South linkages to allow individuals/institutions across developing countries, and between developing and developed countries, to exchange experience and share a common perspective on key issues relating to the informal economy. WIEGO also promotes effective policy advocacy at regional, national and international levels.

- We develop initiatives and build technical expertise on a range of issues that address the expressed needs and concerns of informal workers.

- We seek to strengthen, network, and build the policy analysis capacity of membership-based organizations of informal workers through all of our activities.