WIEGO Internal Strategic Review 2017

Participants of the strategic planning retreat in Bellagio

As part of WIEGO's year-long internal strategic review (ISR) process, WIEGO held a strategic planning retreat  at  the Rockefeller  Foundation  Bellagio  Center  in  Bellagio, Italy, from April 24-28, 2017. Participants included WIEGO team and board, and three external resource persons from the Indian Institute of Human Settlements, the International Labour Organization, and the  World  Bank (access participant bios here). The retreat  explored  the  future  of  work  and  of  cities,  and  the  associated  opportunities  and  threats  for  informal  workers  and  for  WIEGO.  During the retreat, WIEGO reaffirmed its vision for informal workers and their organizations, as well as for its core programmes.

The retreat began with a presentation on "WIEGO at 20," including a review of the original problem statement and vision outlined by the founders of WIEGO at the Bellagio Center twenty years prior, in 1997. Throughout the retreat, participants discussed several strategic matters facing WIEGO, including financial position and fundraising strategy. They also discussed plans for  working  with  organizations  of  informal  workers  to  push  for  implementation  of  key provisions in the Sustainable Development Goals, ILO Recommendation 204, and the New Urban Agenda. The WIEGO board and team left Bellagio with renewed commitment to informal workers and their organizations and to WIEGO's vision and model of change - namely to empower informal workers to demand an enabling environment and to secure their livelihoods by increasing their Voice, Visibility and Validity.


Read the report summarizing discussions during the retreat.