Tania Espinosa Sánchez Elected as Board Member of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission

Tania Espinosa-SanchezWIEGO is proud to announce that on 5 May 2016, Mexico City’s Legislative Assembly appointed Tania Espinosa Sánchez, the Latin America Coordinator of WIEGO’s Law and the Informal Economy Programme, as an Honorary Board Member of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission (CDHDF, by its acronym in Spanish).

The CDHDF is an independent government institution that is responsible for receiving complaints of alleged human rights violations by public authorities. The Board provides oversight of the CDHDF and establishes the CDHDF’s general guidelines to better guarantee the defence, protection, promotion, education and dissemination of human rights in Mexico City.  In particular, the Board helps to consolidate the role of the CDHDF as an institution that contributes to developing public policy that reflects a human rights-based approach, which strengthens the rule of law and democracy. The Board is constituted of citizens who are recognized for their work in the field of human rights.

Tania Espinosa Sánchez was elected to fill one of three Board vacancies.  Fourteen candidates responded to an open call by the Legislative Assembly for candidates. The nomination process included an interview with the Human Rights Committee of Mexico City’s Legislative Assembly.  The Human Rights committee recommended three candidates to the Legislative Assembly, which voted on 5 May.  Tania was sworn in after the plenary’s vote.

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