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StreetNet International, an alliance of street vendors, was launched in Durban, South Africa, in November 2002. Membership-based organizations (unions, co-operatives or associations) directly organizing street vendors, market vendors and/or hawkers among their members, are entitled to affiliate to StreetNet International. As of December 2015 StreetNet affiliates came from 45 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Eastern Europe.

The aim of StreetNet is to promote local, national and international solidarity between organizations of street vendors, market vendors and hawkers (i.e. mobile vendors), stimulate the development of national alliances of such organizations, and stimulate cities around the world to adopt and implement street vendor friendly urban policies.

Through StreetNet, member organizations can gain an understanding of the common problems of street vendors, develop new ideas for strengthening their organizing and advocacy efforts, and join international campaigns to promote policies and actions that can contribute to improving the lives of millions of street vendors, market vendors and hawkers around the world.

StreetNet focuses on street vendors and informal traders lack of recognition as workers and lack of rights to space for their work. StreetNet firmly supports collective negotiations between street vendors, informal traders and local governments and advocates for full participation by the workers in all matters affecting them.

In 2006 StreetNet initiated the World Class Cities for All (WCCA) campaign for urban policies and participatory planning processes for the inclusion of poor communities and constituencies in decision-making on all issues that have a bearing on them.


More information about StreetNet International:

Ms Pat Horn, International Coordinator
+ 27 31 76 706 5282

Facebook:  Facebook
Postal Address: P.O.Box 61139
Durban 4008
South Africa
Office Address:


Unit 101 Dinvir Centre
First floor
123 Joe Slovo Street
Durban 4001
South Africa

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StreetNet campaigns blog - features news and events about StreetNet's three on-going campaigns:
•    The New Manifesto Campaign
•    The World Class Cities for All Campaign in Brazil
•    Litigation Campaigns

The blog also features information about other campaigns and activities undertaken by StreetNet affiliates and allies.

Press Releases

News article by StreetNet's International Coordinator, Pat Horn, "Main challenges of organising vulnerable workers"


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