NASVI Campaigns for Police Accountability in Light of Mumbai Evictions

January 2013

The National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) has launched a nationwide “anti-police terror campaign” after a street vendor in Mumbai died during a police raid on 11 January. According to news reports, more than 4,500 hawkers were evicted over a three-day stretch in Mumbai.

Despite India’s National Policy on Urban Street Vending, which calls for dedicated hawking zones and licensing systems, only a small fraction of Mumbai’s vendors hold licenses. The rest are subject to police harassment and eviction drives such as the one that took place in late January.

As part of its campaign against arbitrary police action, NASVI coordinated a human chain at Parliament Street in Delhi on 20 January, demanding a murder charge against the Assistant Commissioner of Police whose actions are thought to have led to the fruit vendor’s death. Meanwhile, NASVI is continuing its ongoing campaign to push for a central law on street vending. A bill was introduced in Parliament in September and is expected to become an Act in the forthcoming budget session.

Photo: BBC News, India

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